Select lenses
  • Prescription options

    • single-vision
    • readers
    Corrects one field of vision (near, intermediate, or distance)

    Readers improve the ability to read something up close, such as a book or a computer screen. Reader lenses are used spefically for near vision, therefore the lens power is always positive. 

    Magnification Strength: Up to +5

  • Lens offerings

    • Standard Lenses
    • Light-responsive
    • sunglass lenses
    • Made from thin, light, impact-resistant polycarbonate

    • Included for FREE with frame purchase
    • Upon UV exposure, lenses immediately start changing from clear to dark grey

    • Offers 100% UV protection
    • Add to any eyeglasses for an additional $50


    • sunglass lenses block 100% of the UV-A and UV-B rays from the sun
    • lenses are available in 4 colors: Dark Grey, Brown, Blue, Green
    • add to any eyeglass frame for an additional $25