Giving isn’t what one does, it’s who one is.
Generosity is not an action, it’s a state of being.
Ancient scholarship was of the perspective that generosity shapes a mindset and that giving defines a person’s identity.
We completely agree.
With that in mind, all deo partners, those in the stores, the distribution facility, customer service… work in a generous, giving community That’s who we are.
deo giving starts with those closest to us. Our deo family. One must and should take
care of those closest to him first. It extends to the families of those who support our
efforts; families in the communities we serve.
deo seeks out and lends its financial support to organizations in our retail communities that care for children, our children, who suffer from acute vision issues.
At deo - we pay it forward - we give and then earn. We’ve always done it this way and hope to continue doing so always.