Tort Asa - Green Tints

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    Marco pulido a mano Cada marco se pule a mano y se ensambla en un proceso de 85 días.
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    Ofrecemos devoluciones o cambios gratuitos de 30 días. No se hicieron preguntas.

Crafted for you

Each sunglass frame is crafted and hand-polished over an 85 day process, touching 13 different craftsman's hands. Our frames are then treated to ensure durability for your everyday life. All deo sunglass lenses block 100% of UVA and UVB rays.

Understanding our frame fit

NARROW: If you have a slender or narrow face

MEDIUM: If your face is average in size

WIDE: If you have a broad or wide face

Each sunglass frame is made with a premium 3 barrel hinge

All deo lenses are made from premium polycarbonate resin lenses 

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