Where did deo come from?

Rick, Mitch and Marc travelled to the most exciting cities on the planet. They saw incredible products, gorgeous stores and cutting edge fashion in everything from diamonds to food. The exception: eyewear.

Anywhere you go, eyewear is either basic or basic-ish and always overpriced. Now we’ve got deo!


What do I do if the deo piece I ordered has a manufacturing error or was damaged during shipping?

Please contact help@deoeyewear.com with a clear photograph of the issue and our team will send you a brand new one.


How do I set up a return or exchange?

Email us at help@deoeyewear.com so we can get started on the return or exchange process. We’d love to hear your feedback too!


What if I need to change my order?

We process orders quickly, but we’ll do our best to accommodate any changes to your order. The best way to change or cancel an order is to email us at help@deoeyewear.com.


How is it that the deo styling and quality are so fabulous?

Eyewear can and should be sexy, smart and fresh. We come from the fashion and value worlds. The deo team is made up of super talented men and women who have done great things in the fashion world. No need for something to be less than fabulous and no need for it to cost hundreds. We work hard, love edgy fashion and sweat the details.


Limited edition deo frames? Collector’s items?

Yes. Each year around Christmas time, 10 exclusive, collector’s item styles will be produced in extremely limited quantities. One pair of each will be featured in ‘deo house’, our fashion museum. The balance will be available for purchase.


Are you guys really from Brooklyn?

That’s right! All 3 founders were born and grew up in the most fabulous borough in the world. 2 of us still live here.


A lot of people talk about giving back. You guys pay it forward. How does that work?

If people tell you they’re giving away one of something for any one you purchase, it simply means you’re being overcharged for the product and it’s your money they’re giving away. The founders of deo have been building and leading essential, life providing charity efforts for decades. Having nothing to do with a business we happen to be building.
10% of deo profits are donated annually to provide essential vision care for impoverished children in the cities where we do business. Additional monies are donated on a macro level for research dedicated to curing degenerative vision diseases.


How do I get on the preferred list for new monthly styles (discounted!)?

Either move to Brooklyn or sign up through Instagram or …


A real partner community, stock options for all employees, a medical plan for part timers… how do I get a job with you guys?

deo is a people business. We happen to sell incredible eyewear. deo is all about entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship. Come to an orientation. Either you’ll join us or you’ll take some great ideas back to where you are now.

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