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As a result of the pandemic and Coronavirus as the main factor, The WHO (World Health Organization) and various medical entities worldwide recommend isolation.

With the threat of economic downfall, in efforts to continue stimulating the economy Home Office and Home Schools are being implemented worldwide. With this there’s an increase of excessive computer usage. Due to the increase of exposure from lights emanating from digital and technological equipment generated by the “Information Visual Syndrome” which are harmful to the visual organs, preventing damage to visual health is extremely important, avoiding excessive use.


 Information Visual Syndrome 

SVI is characterized by eye fatigue, tearing (epifora), red eyes, photophobia, and headaches, among other symptoms, occurring in 90% of people of different ages who are facing an electronic screen device for more than 3 hours. This set of signs and symptoms can be avoided with different prevention guidelines. The first is to consult an ophthalmologist to evaluate your visual health and inform and educate you in order to lead a healthier eye life.


 Here are a few tips to take care of our eyes in front of a screen: 

Distance: The distance of the screen must be 2 ft (as reference use the stretched arm) and graduate the brightness. 

Height: The screen has to be at eye height, so we avoid cervical alterations, maintaining a good posture.

Rest: Implement Rule 20-20-20. This rule approved by international ophthalmology societies was generated to avoid eye fatigue, dry cornea and headaches (head pains, pomules, migraine).

The rule is very simple: after 20 minutes of looking at a screen with extreme focus you must stop and rest for 20 seconds and then return to your attention and focus at a distance of 2 feet (60 cm). 


 Another Precaution 

  • Blue Block: Wear of artificial tears and lenses with filter treatment that blocks blue light (the light emitted by screens). Medication and the use of glasses with or without rest magnification and the famous “blue block” must be indicated by an ophthalmologist / Optometrist. Today an improvement in visual quality can be noticed after the use of glasses indicated for visual rest such as blue blocking technology. 




This blue light affects our macula and is progressively damaging it. The first symptom that blue light affects us is usually eye fatigue, but continued exposure is usually even more severe. Thus, what is caused is the growth of premature presbyopia (ageing of the cornea) so lens correction and eye protection is extremely necessary.

The problem is that blue light is part of the electronic equipment that is a staple  part of our everyday life: mobile phones, tablets, televisions, computers and any other equipment with LED light.


The blue light has an impact on our macula and is progressively damaging it. The first symptom that blue light affects us is usually eye fatigue, but continued exposure usually has more serious consequences. Thus, what is caused is the growth of premature presbyopia with the consequent and necessary correction of lenses and eye protection

NO ONE CAN ESCAPE FROM BLUE LIGHT (the elderly and the youth)

This is important for the elderly, but also for the younger ones. Young people often spend most of their time in front of the computer, watching movies, playing mobile or console, and they are also the most vulnerable to blue light emitted by these devices.

This is extremely important for the elderly, and equally as important to our youth. Young people often tend to spend a lot of time in front of a screen, whether it’s a computer, watching television, cellular devices, and or consoles. They are all extremely vulnerable to blue light emitted by these devices



What Blue Block lens’s do is reduce the transmission of blue light that screens emit through electronic devices, limiting eye fatigue. This is achieved by a surface treatment that acts on blue light (whose light spectrum is between 420 and 520mm) blocks it to non-harmful levels.

At DEO we offer a special type of lens that are perfect overall for visual health care, leisure or work, and  for those that spend many hours in front of LED screens: the Blue Block lenses.

Technology is moving forward and its use is increasingly inevitable. Our eyes experience it every day, so it is necessary to take care of them in order to have good health and visual quality.


Do not forget to consult your ophthalmologist regularly! 


May 21, 2020 — Gabriela Cruz